The brief overview of Day trading

Stock Exchange - Overview, Purpose, and Examples

Day trading is a process of the buying and selling a security within one day. It is profitable but at the same time it is challenging also. Those who have no money and time should stay away from this kind risky venture. They find difficulty in learning process. Day trading is not illegal but only educated persons with a lot of fund can only deal it efficiently. Overall it can be said that this is completely different from the investment process rather it is a kind of active trading style.

Story of successful day traders and their working style:

Day traders can enter and exit from market in a single day. Day trading can happen in any kind of market. But mostly they are found in Foreign exchange market or in the stock market.  It is not too much time taking rather it only demands normally two to five hours per day. A day trader buys and sells financial components like stocks, futures and options currencies within the same day. Day trader takes the advantage of volatility of market. More volatile the market is, more will be profitable for the day trader. They earn profit by differentiating ask price and bid price. There are two types of day traders. Some are individuals who uses own money or others. On the other side, the day traders who work for a company. Normally the individual traders cannot compete with them because of limited resources. In the case of day trading the traders holds the security for a day and closes their position at the end of the day.

Merits and Demerits of Day Trading:

Only a few people are successful in this trading. Most of the people leave the field after the first day trading. Many think that this is a passive way of earning. But this is not actually true. The scenario is a little bit different. It demands a lot of devotion, dedication and attention. If someone is passionate about the trading, he/she should enhance their learning skills besides studying books. The people have to understand the market and when the market is going to be risky or when it is suitable for response is the main cause of concern in this field.  Wisdom, market analysis, research are extremely needed to perceive this trading market.

Evaluation of Day trading:

Day trading was started in nineteenth century. How it works is a matter of discussion.  If a trader buys a stock if it goes higher and vice versa and tries to earn profit from falling of stocks. They may trade a stock in several times in a day. To increase profit they may borrow money for making trades. This is called “buying on margin”. According to FINRA rule, the requirement of maintenance current margin is 25% which means one has to maintain 25% equity in account. You can check more information from


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